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Our pool table and pool cue FAQs, frequently asked questions, provides professional advice based on decades of experience.

selection of pool cues and cases

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We offer all standard size pool tables: 3-1/2' x 7', 4' x 8' Home, 4' x 8' Pro, and 4-1/2' x 9' tables.

Allow 60" to obstacles from all 4 sides, or use this minimum size room chart by table size and cue length.
pool table minimum size room chart Note: If tight on space on just one side we sell shortened cuesticks.

Yes. We offer a wide variety of table fabric colors, and other options like leather pockets may be practical on some pool table models.

Select from over 40 different colors of pool table cloths. Here's a chart of 28 from just one major brand. Color may vary from how each displays on your device depending on settings.
pool table minimum size room chart Visit us to see large swatches of all 40 to view accurate colors.

Yes. For pool table purchases we may make exceptions after hours by appointment only. Our online Shopify store is open 24/7 for other billiard related purchases.

Moving pool tables is an everyday service that we've been doing for decades. If you're moving within Osceola or Orange County, Florida, call us to get a quote. We have the skill and equipment and are experienced professionals.

All pool tables purchased at Eastern Billiards come with playing equipment. Otherwise, our two-piece pool cues start at $80 on up to $1000 OR more depending on the customization.

Not really. The weight is a matter of preference. Unlike one-piece bar pool cues that are fixed weight, our premium pool cues have weight cavities and can be adjusted.

Our showroom includes a practice pool table where you can play a few racks to test different cues. We can suggest cues based on your skill level and budget, also.

The average is 12-16 weeks, yet could be longer based on the brand and the custom options you select. We carry custom cues in stock that we purchase to our specifications based on a history of what is popular. The advantage is a unique custom look without having to wait.

The range for a new cue tip depends on the brand. The price range is $20-$50. INSTALLED. The price range for a new cue tip depends on the brand. We have a great selection of tips and we are a distributor of HOW tips.

You can find just about every imaginable pool accessory in stock at Eastern Billiards. Need a billiard glove, rack, balls, chalk, shapers, or cases? We have it. If not, we can order it. Here is a section of our accessory items in our showroom.
in stock pool game accessory selections

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